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Children's Hope Fund
Hong Kong Ltd.

Changing Lives: One Child at a Time!

About us

Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong Ltd. was started by Pastor Joel MacCollam, an Anglican (Episcopal) clergyman in the United States, as A CHILD’S HOPE FUND, the first of nine international charities he started in the following 25 years. Over those years, the charities he founded have delivered far over 500 million Euro of practical aid, helping unknown thousands of children and their families.

Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong Ltd. currently works along side three other charities in United States (A Child's Hope Fund,, Germany (CHF-Hoffnung für Kinder, and Netherlands (Kinder Kanker Genezing, in its global family.

Changing Lives:
One Child at a Time!


Our mission statement:
Children's Hope Fund Hong Kong Ltd. gives children and their families in distressed situations, both hope and a platform for their better future, by providing physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and economic resources to the children, their families, and the local organizations supporting their care and well-being.

·       Our Vision is to help those who can’t help themselves and especially children and their families caught in poverty, persecution, disease or disaster. 


·       Our Focus is to help children win a better life for themselves and their families. We help those living in “embraceable communities” where we can put our arms around a small group of people, perhaps an orphanage or a village, to strengthen them. We try to avoid working in huge projects where our resources might not make a discernable difference.


·       Our Help goes worldwide as our resources are requested, with a special focus on Africa and Southeast Asia. We form partnerships with local organizations to deliver our help, making us both financially efficient and immediately sensitive to local culture. All of our help is delivered without regard to race, gender or religion.


·       Our Relief includes high quality commodities shipped to our partners, including food, medical supplies, educational and other requested resources. We do not “ship junk”. By shipping donated commodities to our project partners, we can increase the power of each Euro our donors give by a factor of ten or greater. 



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